1. Why buy Software Maintenance?

  • Always the latest version of the product.
  • A more straightforward and more flexible distribution of news from the manufacturer to the user.
  • Ensuring legislative and functional continuity of system maintenance.
  • Clearly defined rules for providing technical support.
  • The more modules the client uses, this makes software upgrades more cost-effective.
  • Expenditure on new software versions is completely predictable and perfectly accurate scheduled in terms of both costs and timing.
  • Easier coordination and planning of installations between the user and our staff.
  • Simplified ordering system.

2. Software Maintenance validity

  • When customer purchase a product automatically gets Software Maintenance for 1 year (12 months) from the date or product registration.
  • After this time, the service can be extended for another 1 or 2 years.

3. What is the content of Software Maintenance?

  • The service includes access to current versions of the product.
  • Hotline (SLA1 basic option/SLA2 extended option/SLA3 assigned consultant).
  • Application access - TeamOnline HELPDESK.
  • Discounted price for technicians services and programming services (10% discount).

4. What happens if Software Maintenance expires?

  • Upon expiration of Software Maintenance, it is possible to continue to use the product in the latest version released before the expiration of your Software Maintenance with restrictions.
  • If Software Maintenance is not purchased, it can be purchased and registered backwards in the past years. Software Maintenance is always established exactly 1 year after the original Software Maintenance expired.

5. Software Maintenance price

  • The 1-year Software Maintenance Fee is calculated from the current price list of purchased licenses.
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